MMFPA has added this feature to our web site so members and housing counselors can share their experiences, post their questions, discuss their problems, and exchange solutions to the day to day challenges they confront in helping homeowners retain their homes and avoid foreclosure.  It is available to members only.  The opinions and concerns reflect those of the individual members only and not their employer.  Advice and comments posted on this site are not intended as legal advice.

MMFPA is an independent, non-profit organization that exists solely for the purpose of promoting training and education for housing counselors engaged in homeownership preservation and avoiding mortgage foreclosure.  All views and opinions are welcome as long as they contribute to the MMFPA goal of promoting housing counseling to prevent mortgage foreclosure on owner-occupied homes.

For housing counselors especially, this blogging site offers an opportunity to post a question or a comment that you want to share, or receive a comment, on an issue that has arisen in the course of your work.  For the time being, if you have a comment or a question, send it to me at the following e-mail address:


We will be completing procedures shortly that will allow MMFPA members to post their questions and comments directly.  In the meantime, take advantage of this opportunity to participate in our community of housing counselors com-mitted to preserving home ownership.  No other web site like ours exists in Minnesota and MMFPA will rely on its membership to continue to promote and strengthen the housing counselor’s role in helping homeowners remain homeowners.

Ian Ball, MMFPA President






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