MMFPA Members:

Our training program on September 18th at Grumpy’s offers a really interesting selection of topics for housing counselors.  We will have news on recent developments for homeowner programs at HUD, then two attorneys from the law firm of Wilford, Geske, & Cook, PA, one of the largest mortgage foreclosure law offices in Minnesota, will give a presentation on the new Homeowners Bill of Rights legis-lation that took effect in August, 2013.  Only 2 or 3 other states in the U S have anything like this legislation.  The new legislation makes radical changes to the foreclosure process – when it can be initiated, what the lender must do before beginning a foreclosure, how homeowner mortgage workout options must be disclosed and reviewed before beginning foreclosure, and the penalties if a lender does not comply with the new law, including awarding attorney fees to the homeowner.  We have set two hours aside for this presentation so there will be plenty of time for counselors to ask any and all questions about foreclosure and the recent changes..

In the afternoon, two supervisors from U S Bank Home Mortgage will give a presentation on how to prepare a loan modification application for U S Bank review, i.e., How To Get It Right The First Time.  This is U S Bank Home Mortgage’s first MMFPA presentation and  U S Bank is sending someone from the Owensboro, Kentucky headquarters – at no cost to MMFPA – to make this presentation.  We are extremely fortunate in getting these speakers – as supervisors, they’ve seen it all, heard it all, and are ready to share it with us.

Following U S Bank Home Mortgage’s presentation, Luke Grundman and Ian Ball will give a presentation on mortgage modification scams, past and present, ranging from law firms claiming expertise in HAMP modification review to individuals selling mortgage modification snake oil to gullible homeowners.  This presentation will show you how to recognize a potential scam, the language scammers use, how to advise a homeowner who receives a scam offer, and remedies for those who may have taken the bait.

The training program will end with a brief presentation on the new MMFPA web site, the special features for housing counselors, and how to access the blog and post questions or comments, and other site resources.

Save the date! The presentations and lunch will make this training conference one to remember for a long time.

Ian Ball, MMFPA President


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