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Examples of Scams

Use the illustrations below to learn how to spot a phony solicitation

Foreclosure scammers prey on homeowners who are desperate for help. They obtain foreclosure information from the published foreclosure sale notice required by Minnesota law, then send the solicitation with promises of help. Here are some of the things that make these phony foreclosure workout notices easy to identify:

  • Use of familiar federal relief program language, i.e., HAMP, Home Affordable, HUD, mortgage modification.
  • Phony or irrelevant federal or state law citations to give the appearance of authenticity.
  • Use of terms such as "foreclosure defense", "know your rights" or "pre-approved".
  • No street address, no city, no state - only a phone number.
  • Misspellings, poor grammar, or meaningless sentences.
  • Response deadlines to pressure the homeowner.
  • Non-compliance with Regulation O - an immediate warning sign.

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