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MMFPA’s educational program goals are to supplement existing HUD-certified training and certification programs, not to substitute for them. Because it is a volunteer-organized and managed organization, financially self supporting, affiliated with no government agency or private lender, and dependent upon no public or private funding, MMFPA’s educational offerings have the following advantages for housing counselors:

  • training conferences and workshops can focus on the most immediate and current issues facing housing counselors;
  • educational topics do not have to conform or reflect a particular agency point of view;
  • housing counselors can share their experiences and solutions with other counselors and use those exchanges to improve their own counseling, year-round;
  • counselors can quickly alert and share with other counselors information about foreclosure rescue scams in Minnesota that might otherwise not be available.

Report Suspected Scams

Housing counselors are on the front line of the fight to maintain integrity in mortgage programs. Be on the lookout for the frauds, and report suspected fraud to HUD-OIG or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Find more information about how to identify scams, and where to report suspected scams, here.

Educational and Training Materials

Written materials for training and educational conferences sponsored by MMFPA are available to MMFPA members. This educational and training literature includes materials presented at MMFPA conferences and training sessions. Click here to view the latest training materials.

Case Studies for Housing Counslors

Case studies are a great way of sharing experiences and insights, expanding counseling resources for all housing counseling agencies, big and small. MMFPA will post case studies submitted by housing counselors that highlight specific problems, counseling issues, foreclosure remedies, and other homeownership counseling challenges to be shared between MMFPA members. Examples of scam solicitations will allow housing counselors to become familiar with the language of scammers and be better able to spot scams.

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