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The Hound Dawg

Hound Dawg

The Hound Dawg has caught the scent of a foreclosure scam or suspect solicitation.

Butler Liberty Law

Read about this scam where the attorney was fined $10,000 for his violations.

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This company claims it can help you postpone a Sheriff's sale, but its solicitation doesn't meet requirements of the law.

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Financial Freedom Modification, LLC

Financial Freedom Modification entered into a consent order with the Minnesota Secretary of State to refund money to defrauded consumers.

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Butler Liberty Law LLC

A homeowner recently received a letter from Butler Liberty Law LLC asserting that Butler Liberty Law LLC, in Minneapolis, Minnesota is “dedicated to preserving your rights as a homeowner” and that Butler Liberty Law “has had success in stopping Sheriff’s sales, fighting evictions and maintaining possession.”

What the letter did not mention was that in an unpublished opinion, a 3 judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals found that Butler Liberty Law LLC had filed frivolous complaints against mortgage lenders/servicers in at least 12 home ownership cases against Bank of America N.A., BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., and Fannie Mae. Butler failed to amend the complaint despite knowledge that the argument used was invalid in the Eighth Circuit and continued to prosecute it until the case was dismissed, causing the defendants to rack up unnecessary costs, according to the appeals court.

In April 2012, Judge Paul Magunuson, federal district court judge, hit Butler with a $10,000 sanction. Magnuson noted that in other cases Butler had been sanctioned, including one award for $50,000. The Eighth Circuit affirmed the district court’s dismissal of the underlying case. The case is Olson et al v. Bank of America et al, case no. 12-2890, in the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Being sanctioned $10,000 by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and $50,000 by the United States District Court doesn’t sound like “success in stopping Sheriff’s sales” to the Hound Dawg.

Midwest Credit Management Services (MCMS)

This organization is soliciting homeowners via a letter claiming MCMS can postpone your Sherriff's sale, among other things. The solicitation does not appear to meet the requirements of Regulation O.

Financial Freedom Modification LLC

This company entered into a consent order with the Minnesota Commerce Commissioner, who ordered it to repay over $20,000 to consumers. The consent order noted that "[Financial Freedom Modification LLC] violated standards and engaged in practices that demonstrated incompetence and financial irresponsibility by:

  • (i) collecting advance fees before fully performing the services contracted for;
  • (ii) failing to provide customer refunds even though it did not provide any meaningful assistance;
  • (iii) failing to include mandatory contractual language in customer agreements, and;
  • (iv) inducing consumers to enter into prohibited contracts..."

Financial Freedom Modification LLC also failed to maintain and utilize a client trust account and failed to keep and maintain its business records as required under Minnesota law.

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